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Jan 13, 2013 1:00pm EST
door of the statehouse in the state of hawaii. hawaii was spending about a half a billion dollars a year on special education. a pot of that was sub si ciezed -- subsidized by the federal government under the individuals with disabilities act. the rest was being paid for by the taxpayers of hawaii. and we had been there for about two years to see whether the of half a billion dollars was actually helping special education children. and we had gone through 500 files, and we had discovered almost no help. lot of services were being provided, lots of money was being diverted in inappropriate ways. the commissioner of education for the state of hawaii had given a $250,000 grant to someone on the big island to run a special education program. her last job was rules la dancer -- hula dancer. that seemed a little bit odd at face value, and it turned out, not surprisingly, she was having a sexual relationship with the commissioner. people giving $30, $40, $50,000 grants for horseback riding, and i wouldn't have written the book if i thought that was an isolated candidate case. but i had b
Jan 14, 2013 11:00am PST
up in statehouses and in washington, the still grieving parents are debating what does do with sandy hook elementary school. >> knocking down the school is knocking down the memories of the children. >> knock it down and make it sacred ground. >> the white house has signaled if the congress does not act the president will through executive ode enraging gun rights advocates. >> developing news: the first president george bush is out of the houston hospital where he has been since november. a spokesman said the 88-year-old was released from methodist hospital this morning. he was admitted two months ago but doctors have worked to keep him from getting pneumonia. he was in intensive care for a week because of a persistent fever. still ahead this could be the day disgraced cyclist lance armstrong comes clean. will he admit1 >> happening now, lance armstrong is apologizing to the staff of the charity he founded to fight cancer just before he sits down with oprah for a no holds bar interview today. the seven time winner of the tour de france was stripped of the title under evidence collec
Jan 28, 2013 5:30pm EST
ursuing the case... is being honored at the statehouse. pxplain what she did .... to dessrve the recognition. 3 it was aaheartbreakinngcase of -3 elderly abuue. a 99-year-old man wws victimmzed y home -3health aid worker... who ould later flee the coontry..ut tte victim's family and the detective stopped at nothing... tt bring the ssspect bbck to face puuishment. 3 videoocleerly showssthe brutality of the attack. john tayyor... was beaten in his oww bed.. in hhs own home.that 3 olouch... was arrested. but when she was out on bond.. she flld to her former homm in kenya.the city decetive who -3 workkd the case - teamed up with the f-b-i to track her down... and extradite her backk to altimore.the viitim's justice... she even lobbied tte state to pass a bill to increase ennlties and restrict bail for ttose charged with elderly abuse. &p3 this case was so uniquu - from an investigatiie standpoint - because it was he firrt time in the depprtment's history that a suspect had been eetradited frrm oversees. tonight -- the detective -- julie pitocchelli - is being
Jan 25, 2013 5:30am EST
in the statehouse. the phenyl vote was not even close. it passed 51-19. now it head to the state senate where the senate president opposes same sex marriage and won't stop the committee vote. but the sides are divided whether the full senate will vote. >>> don't ask jack and jackie harbaugh to take sides. both hope the superbowl ends in a tie. how proud are these two? they are proud of john from the rains and jim from the 49ers. the first brothers ever to coach against one another in a superbowl. during the conference call with the parents, the questions were pretty predictable as you can imagine. what they were like as kids, who the parents will be rooting for and then this happened. take a listen. >> the question from baltimore is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> john. >> is that john. >> john harbaugh? >> john and jim harbaugh's sister recognized the voice and john told his family they were doing a great job and then they headed off to practice. >>> looking to escape the cold and snow buy a ticket to watch the orioles spring training session in sarasota florida. would
Jan 29, 2013 5:30am EST
. we are live at johns hopkins, linda so, abc2 news. >>> hundreds are expected outside a statehouse today to rally for better mental health care. as gun control takes center stage, they are calling for improved access to services and adequately funed public health system for the mentally disabled. this rally is organized by the maryland mental health colation and if you are curious it starts at noon. >>> madge announcement from baltimore county schools from the district. they are going to release the new phase of a long-term plan to improve school safety and security. the recommendations are a result of the ongoing review of all school safety and security operations. you will remember the first day of the school year a student brought a begun to perry hall high school and shot a fellow classmate. the teen shot is doing well today. >>> in the wake of newtown connecticut shooting, business has been booming for gun stores. 8 of the 10 busiest days for gun background checks happened last year in the wake of the newtown tragedy. the trend continued into 2013 where during the last 6 weeks
Jan 29, 2013 6:30am EST
outside the statehouse in america calling for improving he's it is to services. >>> and the developers have shelled out 1500 dollars for a early version of the smart glasses called glass. it photographs your life and feeds your relevant information through a display above your eye. the developers had a sign on a airtight nondisclosure agreement when testing the glasses and couldn't take them out of the building or use for their personal google accounts. that's weird. >> it is. if you can't go to the superbowl and want to attend the game, host a party on go to work. so we are working to keep your party costs down. if you order pizza check out websites of national chains live papa john's or pizza hut to see if they are running specials. across pot of chili is delicious and goes a long way and find inexpensive recipes online. for party decorations check out the dollar store for purple napkins and plates and cups for 3 bucks. >>> only they are not betting money but they are wagering food. mikulski and cardin bet crab cakes burger cookies and heavy beers. and california senators boxer and f
Jan 30, 2013 5:30am EST
address at noon at the maryland statehouse. the governor plans to tell the story of how the state came together during tough times. the governor will discuss how the state is number one in education and invasion and in regional job recovery. he will discuss what choices we can make together to keep creating jobs expanding opportunities and strengthening maryland's middle class. and also happening today, maryland dog owners and supporters will gather at lawyer's mall in annapolis in peaceful demonstration them the want to show support for all dog owners including pit bull type dogs. many were disappointed with the court of appeals decision in 2012 that said pit bulls are inherently dangerous. there will be a public hearing on the pit bull's compromise bill coming up about 2:30 this afternoon. now it's important to know the governor's state of the state address will be streamed live on the website at starting at noon. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> now he is found guilty of misconduct john leopold could lose his jobbate as the county executive. today, there's going to be a
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am EST
'malley delivers the state of the state address at noon at the maryland statehouse in annapolis. the governor plans to tell the story of how the state came together over the past few difficult years. the governor will discuss how the state is number one in education and invasion and in regional job recovery. he will discuss what choices we can make together to help create more jobs and expand opportunity and strengthen the middle class. also happening today, maryland's dog owners and supporters will gather at lawyers mall in annapolis in a peaceful demonstration. they want to show support for all dog owners including pit bull type dogs. many of them were disappointed with the court of appeals decision in 2012 that said pit bulls are dangerous. there will be a public hearing on the compromise bill this afternoon about 2:30. and a news conference to cover upcoming legislation on antihuman trafficking is part of the assess forfeiture bills that ceases assets from convicted offenders of human trafficking. and you can catch the governor's state of the state address streamed live on starting
Jan 30, 2013 6:30am EST
of maryland. governor o'malley delivers the state of the state address at noon at the maryland statehouse in annapolis. governor plans to tell the story of how the state came together over the past few difficult years. the governor will share some great stories about how people did not just throwing up their hand in the air when things got tough. he will discuss how the state is number one in education and invasion and in regional job recovery and discuss what choices to make together to create jobs and expanding opportunities and strengthen maryland's middle class. there's a new feature this year to the speech. submit quotes governor lieutenant governor and -- questions to the governor, lieutenant governor or other members of the administration. us use the hash tag on twitter and catch the state of the state address streamed live at starting at noon. sherrie johnson, ab cra. 2 news. >>> -- abc2 news. >>> pit bull owners and supporters will gather in annapolis. they plan toa peaceful protest at lawyers mall from 12:30 to 2:30. they are urging law makers to override a ruling t
Jan 30, 2013 6:00pm EST
until april 8th a. the maryland statehouse in annapolis, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >>> activists on both sides of the gun control debate were on alcohol today for the first senate hearing since last month's shooting massacre in newtown, connecticut. among the witnesses who testified, the former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords. giffords, who is still severely impaired from being shot in the head two years ago, told lawmakers now is the time to take action. >> speaking is difficult but i need to say something important. violence is a big problem. too many children are dieing. >> a range of gun violence victims will testify at the senate hearing and the nra's chief executive, wayne lapierre. law enforcement officials and constitutional experts. >>> a new poll finds a majority of americans say politicians are exploiting the sandy hook tragedy. the survey conducted by reason group found 52% believe elected officials are using the deadly shooting for political gain. 41% feel politicians are acting responsibly, sun% undecided. >>> new at 6, john curry addressed the senate for the -
Jan 15, 2013 12:00am PST
seau and i became friends when we mentor indianapolis teens. i took them to the statehouse, and junior gave them autographed jerseys. they prefer jim. >> that was "parks & recreation" his new tv movie, "prosecuting casey anthony." i watched your last one, drew peterson tv movie. >> thank you. >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock to relentlessly protect what matters most... [beeping...] helping stop crooks before your identity is attacked. and now you can have the most comprehensive identity theft protection available today... lifelock ultimate. so for protection you just can't get anywhere else, get lifelock ultimate. >> i didn't know how serious identity theft was until i lost my credit and eventually i lost my home. >> announce
Jan 1, 2013 12:00pm EST
's because the whole state was an insurrection from the government to to the statehouse itself statehouse itself down to the 11-year-old who were throwing bricks at us in the streets. it was total chaos, a little mayhem and even the mississippi highway patrol had pulled away so there was your insurrection. it lasted two or three days. the violent part of it and then after that i was appointed to be the security officer for james meredith and went to school with him, or he went to school and i stayed outside with a hand-picked patrol, 12 soldiers and we were there throughout the year. we transferred back and forth in the army was in place for almost a year until he graduated in august of 1963. i was 23 years old. i grew up in an all all-white neighborhood in south minneapolis. johnson, swanson, peterson and bergstrom and a few italians but that was pretty much it. it was an eye-opener for me but again, we were trained and i am so proud of what the army did. when you write a book, this was my first, the publisher has to say on what the title should be. i call the mississippi morning is when
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
of the house. you were in the minority party of the texas statehouse. talk about what were the challenges that you had of trying to get some things done in the texas statehouse? how did you feel you overcame them being in the minority and do you think the same lessons apply to the u.s. congress? >> i think a lot of the same lessons apply. the legislative body in texas is smaller. it's 150 state representatives but we were in the deep minority. so i always tell folks that you learn almost in a darwinian way how to be effective without being able to use sheer force of numbers just to overrun folks. it meant in texas if you were going to get anything done that was meaningful, you had to be able to sit down with republicans, with people that you disagreed with, who disagreed with you and come to some kind of agreement and compromise. we were able to do that on a lot of issues. i was vice chair on the higher education econocommittee. we did some great higher ed reform in the years i was on that committee. being able to work with people and understand you're not going to get a hundred percent o
Jan 26, 2013 9:00am PST
-sex marriage now across the country still being debated in statehouses, doe ma federally still in effect. where is it and where does it go from here? >> right. we have borked extensively on marriage equality issues, the task force has been responsible for creating leadership in activists across the country. so we were involved in the developments in maine, minnesota, washington state, and maryland, and it's thrilling. one of the most incredible aspects of this change is that it's an opportunity for the country, for everyday americans to have conversations about our lives. and i believe that marriage is a starting point. it's incredibly symbolic. it's an opportunity for us to talk about our everyday lives, our everyday struggles, our everyday challenges. and we as a task force intend to expand that dialogue to include not only marriage but also health care issues, public safety, employment protections, a whole range of issues, and we're just thrilled that this momentum, this incredible momentum, is under way. >> we've seen this before. given the way these things play out, given the credence the
Jan 8, 2013 8:00am PST
statehouse speaker and a state chief justice. explain to all of us what's in the water in there in the granite state that's getting so many women clekd elected. >> well, first of all, thanks for having me on today, thomas. it's great to be with you. i think it's a mix of things in new hampshire. we are a very inclusive and welcoming place because we are also what i like to call an all hands on deck kind of state. we value volunteerism and citizen participation, and we're a small rural cold place where a lot of granite so if you are willing to work hard, we're willing to take you, and so we have a long history of people working together regardless of gender and we also have a very large statehouse, as you may know. 400 members for our small state. there are lots of opportunities for women and men to get involved, and prove their competence and learn about the political system and move from there. >> as we look at politics on a national level, we have this record number of women in the new congress. when we look at this dichotomy, there are 16 states that have no women in
Jan 1, 2013 1:00am EST
. >> it's an honor to be speaking here at the old statehouse. thanks for coming and thank you to booktv, c-span for joining us here. about three weeks into the design of reporting the revolutionary where we realized we were on pace to produce an 800 page, two-inch thick volume and so we quit lee retrace her steps and decided to scale back and produce what is now a 400 page full-color book for you. similarly, i prepared a five hour presentation for you this evening. [laughter] and decided to scale that back to a more manageable 45 minutes, so i will start by saying this. without newspapers, there would have been no american revolution. newspapernewspaper s are what fanned the flames of the rebellion. they sustained loyalty to the cause. they provided critical correspondence during the war and they ultimately aided in the outcome. historians know this very well. for 220 years historians have referenced these newspapers in the footnotes of their own analysis and interpretation. what this book does is it imburse the traditional history books, taking those newspapers that have been in the footn
Jan 25, 2013 4:00am PST
. in return, the majority will to allow two minority amendments to bills. >>> and rhode island statehouse, lawmakers applauded after passing a bill to allow gay marriages. rhode island is the only state in new england that does not allow them right now. the bill's future in the state senate, though, is unclear. no vote is currently scheduled there. >>> and new jersey's republican governor, chris christie, is getting some political support from an unlikely source. he's facebook's founder, mark zuckerberg, who headlined events for president obama's re-election campaign. he will host an event for christie next month at his home in california. >>> the unbearable deep freeze menacing millions of americans is delivering yet another day of biting cold temperatures, as the dangerous winter weather blows into the east and south. you can now add more snow and ice into the frigid mix. abc's tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the arctic air that's making life miserable for millions is marching south. in huntsville, alabama, salt trucks are standing by. they're prepping around k
Jan 29, 2013 4:30am EST
health coalition will rally this afternoon outside the statehouse calling for improved access for high quality service and adequate funding for themental health system. >>> three talk about solutions to the problems facing maryland's pension system. >>> whitney houston's mother has writ ann book about the life of her daughter in her book remembering whitney. she details her thoughts on whitney's death and it hits store shelves today. >> knick waw lenda will walk a- - waw lenda will -- with a linda -- whoa lynda he plants to -- wolinda -- >>> it was long and some fans couldn't deal with the fact the ravens beat the patriots wes welker's wife took to the twit her and side she was proud of her husband and patriots and directed everyone to lewis wikipedia page where it talks about his children and how he was acquitted for murder he. she later apologized for the inappropriate remarks and now ray lewis is saying there are no hard feelings. >> sometimes people just say silly stuff. you know and they say it out of emotion and sometimes you need to let the game take care of the game. you know.
Jan 30, 2013 4:30am EST
the state of the state address today at noon at maryland statehouse. the governor plans to tell the story of how the state came together over the past few difficult years. the governor will discuss how the state is number one in education, invasion and regional job recovery. he will discuss what choices we can make to creating jobs and expanding opportunity and strengthening the middle class. happening today also, a news conference to cover upcoming legislation on antihuman tracking a part of the assessforture bill -- forfeiture bill. money would be pud in a fund for trafficking victims. they want to show support for all dog owners including pit bull type dogs many of them disappointed when the court of appeals decision in 2012 that said pit bulls are inherently dangerous. there will be a public hearing on the pit bull compromise bill this afternoon at 2:30. you can catch the governor's state of the state address streamed live at starting at noon. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thank you. >>> heading down to new orleans, the ravens get down to business today. they will hold t
Jan 2, 2013 6:30pm EST
that got action. elaine? >> reporter: good evening to you, anthony, well, here at the statehouse in new jersey, republican governor chris christie said the people of his state are being used as political pawns just two months after sandy hit. >> 66 days and counting. shame on you. shame on congress. >> reporter: superstorm sandy caused over $36 billion in damage in new jersey. governor christie says he was assured by congressional leaders that the aid package would be put to a vote. but house speaker boehner pulled the legislation and did not return christie's phone calls. >> disaster relief was something that you didn't play games with. >> reporter: do you feel betrayed right now, governor? >> yes. if the people of new jersey feel betrayed today by those who did this in the house last night then they have good company, i'm with them. >> reporter: boehner says he pulled the bill because of scheduling problems. but some members of congress questioned how the $60 billion aid package would be spent. new york congressman peter king, a republican, would have none of it. >> congressional repu
Jan 27, 2013 6:00am PST
it every day in the statehouse. >> sure, but at the same time i can look around the table and say you won, first governor ever to win a recall bid. or a recall call, and you were in a very conservative state in a conservative spot. you are in a conservative state. so you all were kind of fine and you still lost. republicans lost wisconsin. republicans lost virginia. republicans lost the latino vote. a huge disconnect here. not just for you, but for voters, right? >> i would like to point out like the rest of the panel. wisconsin, a good example. the president carried wisconsin just like every democrat did since 1984. the same year i won a recall election, same time we took the state senate back, and added to the numbers of state assembly. half of the states have republican majorities and more than half have republican governors. republicans who are conservatives are relevant, courageous. that's what we need more in washington. >> why are you popular in virginia, and couldn't have pulled mitt romney over the finish line? >> the president won by seven points in '09. and i won by 18 the next
Jan 27, 2013 6:00am EST
controlled the house and most of the statehouses. we have to oppose the president on some fronts and we have to engage them on others. we cannot let our country have a debt crisis. if they will not help ask our entitlements, and we have to buy time. we have to keep the bond market at the bait for the safety of our people. that means we will face tough moments. like the fiscal cliff. i know we did not see eye to eye. on january 1, a trillion dollar tax hike took effect. the senate voted to prevent tax hikes and 98% of americans. and made the lower tax hikes permanent. president obama got less revenue than the speaker offered in the first place. in short, there is no way we were going to get a better deal for the american tax payer. we wanted to keep tax hikes low for everybody. we wanted to cut spending. otherwise every single taxpayer would have paid higher taxes and our economy would have gotten into a nosedive. the decision was simple. if you think a bill needs to pass, you vote for it. many of my colleagues voted the other way. i respect their decision. prudence demands mutual understandi
Jan 5, 2013 12:00pm PST
to be a part of that. >> i want to bring in "the boston globe" statehouse bureau chief frank phillips and you're sitting there in congressman frank's home district right now. is anybody there surprised at all? i think we are a little surprised. he has been talking about it for several years, i've had private conversations with him over the last few years. he's tired of talking about it and in the last few days he's talking now that he wants to go back into the u.s. senate and get involved and get involved and they were controversial issues. >> i think the colleagues of the globe, thaw talked to the former congressman yesterday and did he give youio insight as to why he may have changed his mind about wanting to leave issue what wash. >> he said there are a lot of issues on the table and the fiscal cliff issues and the debt issues. i'm thinking assault weapons ban proposals, and he has a chance to go to the senate and from the democrats' point of view, what better voice for them? he's an experienced legislator on capitol hill and knows how to cut deals, as partisan as he's been with a very sha
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm EST
in the statehouse before leaving in 1994. officials say the fire started in her bedroom. they are still working on an exact cause. >> a how is it materialistic. you can't get more than one life. that's all that really matters right now for miss jones. >> senator anthony mus, who represents this area and you'll gilesed her husband just a few years ago say -- we in our community know her as a caring educator, one who is committed to civil rights and to the advancement of the 26th legislative district where show served. she is also a trail blader for african-american women in politics in prince george's county, maryland. she remains in critical condition. folks are praying for her recovery from annapolis to prince george's county. this woman is a legend. police are -- fire is still working to to try to figure out what caused the fire. it is not considered suspicious. reportic live in temple hills. >>> an usual in move in the murder trial of a former culpepper virginia police officer. tomorrow the jurors will be visiting the scene of is the shooting. daniel harmon wright is charged with shooting pa
Jan 30, 2013 4:00pm EST
of the state address. some people are wondering if his audition to move from the statehouse to the white house. is governor o'malley running for president in 2016? i'm chris gordon. i' when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. >>> a california man is in hot water with police after shutting down a local highway to propose to his girlfriend. nbc's angie crouch has move on the incident. >> reporter: this is it is heart of a criminal investigation launched by the california highway patrol. more than 300 bikers shut down the eastbound ape in west covina so a man would propose to her girlfriend. it was pink smoke, and fri
Jan 30, 2013 6:00pm EST
, asking the voters to decide. at the statehouse, cried goranen, news4. >>> a twister touching down in georgia, and it's caught on video. >>> doug and veronica are tracking the severe weather. >>> plus a child is still held hostage more than 24 hours after taken off the school bus. we'll get the late latest from alabama. >>> a man breaks into a house. he goes room to room stealing stuff. a woman sleeps through the whole thing. i'm pat at honda, we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they could be. smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda. >>> at this hour a 6-year-old boy is still a host an in southeast bp bum. police say a man stopped the school bus yesterday and shod and killed the driver, kidnapped the boy and took him to an underground bunker. authorities have been communicated through a pvk pipe and able to get medicine to the little boy. neighborho
Jan 17, 2013 10:00pm EST
and they want to ban high capacity magazines. they also want to keep weapons out of the virginia statehouse. those who favor gun rights are expected to gather here in great numbers monday. their message to legislators will be do not restrict sales. society is safer when people can choose to protect themselves. in richmond, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> the nra says one way to prevent another school shooting is to have armed guards posted at every school. d.c. mayor vincent gray says he's open to the idea but did stop short of saying he'd support armed teachers. phil mendelson is against both ideas and says the response to gun violence is not to have more guns. >>> an emotional gathering in colorado today at the aurora movie theater where alleged gunman james holmes opened fire reopened for business. some of the victims attended the opening while others boycotted the event. >> reporter: victims, their families and first responders returning to the theater where a gunman opened fire nearly six months ago killing 12 and injuring dozens. they're at the theater for a private ceremony called a n
Jan 14, 2013 6:00pm PST
indianapolis teens. i took them to the statehouse, and junior gave them autographed jerseys. they prefer jim. >> that was "parks & recreation" his new tv movie, "prosecuting casey anthony." i watched your last one, drew peterson tv movie. >> thank you. >> you were compellingly evil. have you a very polarizing figure, about whom there remains a lot of doubt and no one is quite sure, as they were with drew peterson, whether they were really guilty or not, most people think they are. did you follow the case as it happened? were you enthralled as anybody else? >> i watch more cable news than any human. i see too much of it, i just do. >> you can never see too much of that. >> you would think that, and i understand that, that's perfectly fine. you couldn't escape it if you wanted to when it was on. in terms of the day by day mind o minutia of the trial -- when i read the prosecutor's book, i was really surprised about some of the twists and turns, overreach and some of the things to lead us where the country was so shocked about the verdict. >> what is so fascinating about him, 68-70 homicide con
Jan 1, 2013 7:00pm EST
into the commonwealth museum in boston. he also serves the bostonian society and the old statehouse is a member of our board's advisory committee. so what that, bob allison. [applause] next we'll move to john bell. john bell is the curator of the blog boston 1775 come a site dedicated to the history, analysis and unabashed concept of the american revolution in new england. he recently completed a study during the siege of boston for the national park service. it's also good about doing england's youth during the resolution, count watchman at the boston massacre, the wave of bankruptcies in 176500 tons friday pope may celebration. that was a crazy event annually. he has lectured in many historical site, including this one. bob -- i'm sorry, john bell. [applause] and todd train to come among the nations leading authorities on 18th century newspapers as he could no doubt tell. he's still one of the most significant collections of americans from pollution during the earliest printed reports of practically every major event in battle from 1763 to 1783. todd is curator publisher of before, an on
Jan 25, 2013 2:40am PST
in the statehouse applauded yesterday after passing a bill to approve the marriages by an overwhelming margin. the next step is more uncertain. right now, no vote there is even scheduled. >>> the leaders of each of the armed services branches have until may 15 to deliver a plan to include women in all combat roles. defense secretary leon panetta made it official recognizing a decade of women in the war zone. all jobs will be open to them unless the military can show why they should not be. but some of those jobs come with some tough physical requirements. >> the combat roles, standards are very high and they're high for a reason. >> women already make up 15% of the 1.5 million active duty military personnel. and 150 of them have died fighting in afghanistan and in iraq. >> look, the bottom line is, there are going to be some women that can and some that can't. just like there are some men that can't make it into the special forces and some men can. i just don't understand why a woman would be excluded from combat and then ultimately excluded from rising above this sort of glass ceiling and be
Jan 19, 2013 11:00am PST
of the talk with republicans being in control with most of the statehouses. it's a complete nod to state legislators who have done this. >> part of the mission was to think of ways to gain women and minority voters as well. how do you think republicans are going to get out of the colonial types, if you will, on this one? >> you're already seeing a lot of this immigration reform push with senator marco rubio taking the lead on that, but you're seeing paul ryan join up and the chamber of commerce is starting to get onboard with whatever that republican proposal will be. so i think that that can end up being a moment of unity for everyone and it's possible and there's always rancor in washington. >> there's concern about how they talk about these issues and getting to understand certain things they do and say will be interpreted differently especially by spanish-speaking hispanics and those that are willing to vote republican. >> even the decisions to stop using the word rape, you know? you would think that at some point this is something that members alone would have come to the conclusion
Jan 27, 2013 1:00pm PST
and in the statehouse and active working with congress so that's where they are really focused now as they say this as a religious freedom issue. >> and aisha moody mills is here and we thought since we were talking about birth control it would be a good idea to have a woman be part of the conversation. what do you think about this? >> you underscored the key point here. why is it that women's health care is always on the line and up for debate and being poked and prodded in the courts? >> i think about this issue in a personal way, not just because i'm a woman but because i've had issues where doctors throughout my life have encouraged me to get on some kind of contraception because of real medical issues that i was having and what's interesting is debating whether there should be coverage for real health issues that we face and men are using and popping all kinds of pills for recreational sex quite frankly and hormones to enhance their ability to recreationally have sex, and no one is questioning whether or not health insurance plans should cover those pills. >> thank you so much for shiftin
Jan 29, 2013 9:00am PST
to the idea. in republican statehouses, a new motto perhaps. if at first you don't succeed, cheat. joining the panel now is president of the brennan center for justice, michael waldman. every time are you on this program there's a new outrage. this may be the most outrageous. >> i deny any connection to making that happen. this is the kind of thing that gives tunism a bad name. >> yes. yes. to say the least. >> i'm no fan of the electoral college wrish think we should have a national popular vote where everybody's vote counts equally, but there is so much worse than what we have now. as you say, this would make it so that whoever wins a congressional district gets that electoral vote, but the fact is democrats, liberals, especially racial minorities, tend to be in cities or near cities, and this would wind up meaning that their votes count less. it would certainly violent, i think, the voting rights act by diluting the votes of racial minorities, and it would lock in to place the jerrymanderring which the republicans did it this time. the democrats do it some other time. if you could find
Jan 30, 2013 10:00pm EST
talk to the republicans who are very a very -- who are a very small group in the statehouse they'll say he's trying to run to the left of andrew cuomo whether it be same sex marriage or death penalty and for the first time in terms of presidential ambition i saw the mandatory obligatory american flag lapel. never seen governor o'malley wear that before. >> very observant today, mark. >> my job. >> we heard the governor touch on a number of issues from assault weapons ban to eliminating the death penalty and the expansion of the state's renewable energy. they are important and some are controversial. despite the obstacles governor o'malley got gay marriage and the maryland dream act through. how likely do you think we tore see the legislature -- are to see the legislature move through on some of those proposals. >> on the death penalty it's mike miller who is for the death penalty and will allow a vote on it. supposedly they're two votes short on it. on wind power which the governor failed in getting last time supposedly there's more of a disposition. what was the other one you me
Jan 4, 2013 6:00am EST
. the doors of this statehouse are open to all who want to engage, learn and contribute. it will take the ideas and spirit and energy of everyone. more so than any other place, new hampshire is a government by the people. [applause] addressing our challenges will not be easy, but we are granite staters and americans, and we are supposed to do hard things. the question is whether we will live up to the grand vision that our founders had. remember, the notion that we could operate as a true citizen democracy while also becoming an economic force in the world was at the time a revolutionary one. to some degree, our ability to prove our founders right will depend on how we approach our task. scripture refers to something called gladness of heart, an appreciation of the opportunity and freedom to do difficult things. in this time and in this place, let's choose to move our state forward with the optimism and pragmatism that is our hallmark, with gladness of heart let's choose to remember what a gift it is to be citizens of the granite state. thank you. [applause] >> with the opening of the
Jan 30, 2013 7:30am EST
the statehouse in madison. in his remarks, the governor said he would quote -- efforts to meet his 2010 campaign promise to create 250,000 private sector jobs. this is 30 minutes. [cheers and applause] >> at this time it is my privilege to introduce our friend, the governor of the state of wisconsin, scott walker. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you. thank you. speaker vos, speaker pro tem kramer, president ellis, majority leader fitzgerald, minority leader larson, minority leader barca, members of the wisconsin supreme court, constitutional officers, tribal leaders, members of the cabinet, distinguished guests, members of the legislature, most importantly, fellow citizens of the great state of wisconsin, it is an honor to appear before you tonight. before we get started, i would like to introduce the first lady of wisconsin, my wife, tonette. [applause] also in the gallery are our sons, matt and alex. [applause] they change quick. matt came over from college after his last class and alex came over from high school. next to them are blue and pat walker. [applause] and right next to them i
Jan 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
burton who retired after 15 terms. and republican luke messerrer who was a member of the statehouse and head of indiana's republican party. >> we created a platform that we call a digital health feedback system, and the main components of that platform are an ingestible sensor that turns on when you swallow it and communicates to your body. it sends information to a wearable patch that you wear on your torso and collects information about the medicines you swallow and your physiology, things like your heart rate, your respiration, your body angle, activity, sleep, temperature. quite a lot of things, actually, what we call a panel of fizz logic wellness methods, and then it communicates via bluetooth radio with a cell phone that you carry and enables us to take that data to the cloud, process it and send it back to you as an application that can help you manage your own help. >> you know, malcolm gladwell calls it the tipping point. we've had these amazing changes over the last five years, and now we're really poised to really make some great leaps in these complex diseases. our unde
Jan 15, 2013 12:00pm EST
for the new year. tonight at 7:30 we'll take you live to the kansas statehouse for an address by the state's governor, sam brownback. that'll get underway at 7:30 eastern. >> he had been talking about this dream that he had had. he had talked about it for years, you know? the american dream. and that had become his dream. and he had been in detroit just a few months before, and he had talked about, you know, i have a dream that america will someday realize these principles in the deck declaration of independence. so i think he was of just inspired by that moment. >> sunday on "after words," clayborn carson participated in the 1963 march on washington to prominent historian and editor of martin luther king jr.'s papers. it's part of three days of booktv this weekend monday featuring authors and books on the inauguration, president obama and martin luther king jr. >>> this coming sunday president obama will officially be sworn into office in a privateer isny at the white house. live coverage will start at 10:30 eastern time along with your phone calls. and then monday it's the public inaugur
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